Creatrion is an idea, a concept to address the need for a work environment that suits current and future demands of society as well as individual personal needs of employees and their organizations.

In times where globalization, out-dated organizational structures, continuously changing priorities within projects as well as line organizations are combined with aspects of digital transformation, new approaches towards work organization have to be created, discussed and taken into real live application. Creatrion is therefore meant to provide a platform where new or modified common approaches and ideas can be shared, discussed and concepts for real life testing can be derived.

At Creatrion we believe in the ability, the will and the creativity of the people we work with and that we have to create an environment that suits the demands that the modern work environment sets.

We also believe in the creativity that each individual brings along and that it is possible to set a framework that enables each individual to exceed its current limits.

In short how do we ensure to be able to deliver high quality work results long-term without taking damage on long-term health and without missing the link to up-to-date knowledge.