Welcome to Creatrion!

Creatrion is a synonym for "Creativity and Criterion"

Creatrion is a non commercial blog focussing at today's and future requirements and demands of a globalized digital evolving work environment. Coming out of the industrial age, forwarding into the information/digital era.

As this change will be constantly forwarding Creatrion is looking at the associated topics in day to day live to discuss and develop approaches to handle the situation on an individual level to not resign but to tackle the challenges coming up. Issues like constant change, an increasing demand on flexibility, life-long learning aspects and the handling of an increasing information supply by multiple sources.

A central aspect in the first time will be the analysis of the existing work topology to find out what surrounds us day by day by visualizing this state. The second step than focusses on the actions to be derived out of this analysis and the customization of the influencing aspects to suit future demands.

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